No matter your industry, everyone needs a business headshot to keep handy- not just for LinkedIn, but for everything else too. You might be surprised how often you will use your headshot once you have one you really love. We know you want to look and feel your best throughout every layer of your professional life, and that is what we will help you achieve in our photo sessions. You deserve to feel like you are on top of the world with just one photo. Business portraits present a confident and trustworthy version of you to other people. After all, humans develop an initial “first impression” of you within 30 seconds. Use that 30 seconds wisely.



Let us reveal our incredible three-step process for each business portrait photo session:

Initial Approach

We approach each photo session with attention to detail, honesty, and a passion for excellence. Your happiness is the most important thing to us, so the initial steps of this process will involve questions and a casual conversation. How many headshots do you need? Would you like light or heavy photo editing? It is essential for us to understand not only what you require in a business headshot but also who you aspire to be- professional and authentic is how we do it at Finelight Media. What kind of person do you want others to see when they look at your headshot? This is where it all begins.

The Session

After the fine details are out of the way, we will schedule your business portrait photo session. No need to visit our studio; we bring the studio to you. We set up at a location of your choosing, either indoors or outdoors (weather permitting), and begin the magic. Before your portrait shoot, come equipped with a few different outfits to change into for variety in your shots. Feel free to look at the portraits we snap as we go along through the session. Our goal is to capture you in your most real, confident, empowering moments to show the world who you really are.

Final Steps

You have successfully completed the first two steps, and now it is time to wrap up our photographic journey together. All of the images we took during the session will be available for you to view. Photo editing depends on your needs, so let us know during the initial approach. If everything looks good, you’re all finished. Now, sit back and revel in the confidence radiating from each of your new business headshots. It feels good to look good.