The Experience

Imagine that you are laughing with your family while remembering a funny moment you all shared in the past. Or, perhaps you are sitting alone and proud on your favorite stool in a luxurious room- all business and all confidence.

The one constant behind both of these scenarios? Finelight Media is there with you, digitally capturing each experience to show the world your personal story. We put skill, effort, and passion into each photo we snap and each video we shoot, so your story can be told with honesty, grace, emotion, and purpose.

We believe photography/videography is a creative journey between camera-wielder and client that should be honored and thoughtfully developed. Our team takes the time to cultivate a relationship with each of our clients, getting to know each personality to discover ways to make it shine during the photo/video session.

Don’t worry about all the details such as location and props; we are a very flexible media production company. We come to your chosen location to shoot, and you can bring your own props to make the shoot fun and memorable.

By the end of your photo/video experience, you will be left with wonderful memories to cherish in your mind or displayed in your home for years to come.